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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Weather Art & Crafts

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These are two weather-related art and craft projects we recently completed as part of our lessons on weather, cloud types, water cycle, rain and storms. Both projects were a multi-layered/step process using various textures.

Weather Lore:

Ring around the sun or moon, rain or snow is coming soon.

A Really Rainy Day (Cartoon Art)

I chose to create cartoon art by adding a cartoon element, which my son picked out. Steps: He painted rain for the background and let it dry. We then glued the cartoon at the bottom and he matched and painted the water to complete the flooding effect. Once it dried, we glued a couple of clouds using cotton balls and painted them darker for a rain cloud effect. We also cut and pasted an umbrella top using red construction paper. He finished the project by coming up with a funny message for the cartoon bubble. I love what he came up with: I should have worn a bathing suit today! We had so much fun doing this project!

Rainy Day Cartoon Art

Thunderstorm Scene

Steps: My son painted a darkened background by mixing various colors. Once it dried, we added lightning streaks using white, yellow and red paint. Once that layer dried, we glued clouds of cotton balls mixed in with crunched up foil. He mixed in some paint to blend the clouds and background to mimic a dark, stormy sky. While that dried, we added a mountain silhouette at the bottom using black construction paper. We finished it off by adding three pieces of sparkling white pipe cleaners shaped like lightning bolts. It was messy but fun!



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