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Off-Site Group Classes

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Holding real leopard skin as we learned about spots in wild cats.

Learning about spots in wild cats (leopard skin)

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We are fortunate to have a few community-based educational programs available in our area (via the library, zoo, science center and state parks). I’m always happy to link up our home school with group structured lessons/activities whenever possible. This year we are participating in a few off-site group classes. Our local zoo offers a K-5 class series designed to teach kids about different wildlife topics. This year’s themes focus on patterns and defenses; specifically discussing spots, stripes, camouflage, speed and beaks.

This month’s class featured lessons on spots and camouflage by discussing various wild cats: leopard, jaguar, puma, cheetah, snow leopard, lynx and ocelot. We learned the differences between small and big cats in the wild, such as their eyes and larynx sound (roar vs. purr), as well as their common geographical regions and predatory behavior. We got to see some of them up close, which allowed us to study their physical characteristics and observe their behavior. We even heard the jaguar’s call! Our group also spent time in the classroom where we learned about various wild cat habitats, worked on animal puzzles by choosing the correct spot print for our cats, handled real leopard skin and claws, and created our own wild cat spot design with an art based craft. My son really enjoyed this class so we look forward to the next few months as we continue this once-a-month series.

These are a few photos highlighting our off site class at the zoo:

Our group heads over to the wild cats exhibit for our class on spots.

Our group heading over to the wild cats exhibit area to kick off our class on spot patterns

Checking out the jaguar.

Checking out the jaguar of the Americas

Learning about the snow leopard from Asia.

Learning about the snow leopard from Asia

Spending time at the puma exhibit.

Spending time at the puma exhibit

Getting hands-on experience with claws.

Getting hands-on experience with cat claws

Working on a puzzle activity to match four cats with their spots.

Working on a puzzle activity to match four cats with their spots

Creating our own spots using an art craft approach.

Creating our own spot design using an art craft approach


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