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Writing Assignment: Mythical Sea Creatures

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We are wrapping up our second week of exploration themed lessons. Last week we focused on space exploration by discussing our solar system, astronauts, stars and a few constellation myths and legends. This week we transitioned to sea exploration. We discussed navigational tools, such as the compass and map, as well as skills required to be a good explorer, ships, flags, famous explorers, shipwreck and survival, the difference between privateer and pirate, and mythical sea creatures.

We learned about many mythical sea creatures around the world, including the selkies – a seal/human creature from the British Isles. My son and I really enjoyed reading Summer of the Sea Serpent (a Magic Tree House series book by Mary Pope Osborne), which featured selkies and other mythical sea creatures. I gave my son a writing assignment to come up with a brief description of selkies based on our lesson and story book. It was a great way to assess his writing skills and how much information he’d retained from the lesson.

Writing assignment about selkies - mythical sea creatures from the British Isles

Writing assignment about selkies – mythical sea creatures from the British Isles


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