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Jack-O-Lantern Trail

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jack-o-lantern trail

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Trail*

We love being outdoors in nature, especially this time of year, so when we heard about a Jack-O-Lantern nature trail event at a nearby park, we checked it out!

We learned Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is a 1/3 mile walking trail illuminated with about 5,000 carved pumpkins resulting in an amazing outdoor, natural pumpkin art show. Artists create themed Jack-O-Lanterns using pumpkins ranging from small one-pound size to their largest, which is 1,800 pounds. The pumpkins are set up along both sides of the trail in themed sections with accompanying music and special effects. They feature designs from the basic Halloween Jack-O-Lantern faces to incredibly intricate themed pumpkins, all of which are displayed at different heights, colors and depths. It’s really amazing.

Waiting to get into the event.

Waiting for the event to begin

This year’s theme was A Walk In Time, so the trail began with a pumpkin carved as a clock with mechanical hands winding backwards. We were then ushered into a journey in time as we followed a themed timeline of key world events, including: prehistory, dinosaurs, modern man, the ancient world, myths and legends, Medieval time, the Renaissance, explorers and pirates, Colonial America, The Wild West, Industrial Revolution, inventors, wars, U.S. Presidents, popular T.V. shows and movies, eras in music, classics in literature, sci-fi and fantasy themes, and comic book characters. They also had a massive laughing tree display and a cemetery dedicated to famous people titled In Memoriam. The trail ended with a classic Halloween theme featuring ghosts, monsters, creatures and other symbols associated with the holiday. It was worth doing – what an experience!

The folks behind this production have done an incredible job of transforming the natural landscape into a fun, educational, full Halloween experience and pumpkin art show. They are scheduled for another three years, so I cannot wait to see what themes they come up with for next Halloween!

*photo from website


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