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Mayor’s Fall Hike and Outdoors Day

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Posing with our mayor, who is the sponsor of this annual event.

Posing with the mayor after the pumpkin decorating contest

Forest In The Fall

Trees, Leaves & Forests


Autumn/Fall & Harvest Time

Jack-O-Lantern Trail

We spent the better part of our day on Saturday at a nearby forest to participate in the annual Mayor’s Fall Hike and Outdoors Day event. This was the second time we’ve been a part of it and we are looking to make it an annual tradition. The event offers lots of educational opportunities and outdoor fun, with the added beauty of nature’s fall colors as the landscaped backdrop.

We participated in an archery event, pumpkin decorating contest, met the mayor, and took a hay ride along part of the forest. We then went on a guided tour hike through a nature trail. In the process, we learned about the family who donated the forest land, whose roots go back to the Civil War era. When we stopped at a pond to learn more about the family’s daughter whose name it bears, we found out – to our surprise – she was actually standing behind us taking pictures with her family by the pond’s sign. Talk about coincidences and being part of a living history moment! We took advantage of the opportunity and exchanged a brief conversation with her. That was really neat. As we continued the nearly two-hours hike, we learned about the forest’s varied wildlife (plants, animals and organisms), as well as other history linking to the Lewis & Clark expedition, Daniel Boone’s trail, a native American legend and Abraham Lincoln’s family.

These are some photos highlighting our day. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Archery event

Archery event

Picking the perfect pumpkin for the decorating contest

Picking the perfect pumpkin for the decorating contest

Getting ready for the hay ride

Waiting for the hay ride

Shannon's Pond

Shannon’s Pond


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