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Book Series: Animal Antics A to Z

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Animal Antics A to Z series by Barbara deRubertis

Animal Antics A to Z series by Barbara deRubertis

Every now and then I like to highlight a specific series and give a brief overview from our home school perspective. Author Barbara deRubertis has an animal and alphabet themed series titled Animal Antics A to Z, which we are enjoying quite a bit. Each book focuses on a specific alphabet letter and offers an animal based story with a repetitive alliteration-type phonics element so the reader is able to gain a strong lesson on single letter sounds. Here’s a brief example of the phonics based story using letter G from Gertie Gorilla’s Glorious Gift.

Gertie said goodbye to Gramps and Granny. She galloped across the garden. She wiggled through the gate. And she waggled past the grove of green trees.

The series features animal-based classmates from Alpha Betty’s class with a specific book for each one (depending on their alpha name). This versatile series is fun with humorous stories and colorful illustrations. You can use individual books from the series to complement a lesson on a specific animal theme or follow the entire series for an alpha-based language curriculum. The target group for the series is grades K-3 so the books can be used as read aloud for younger students or self reading for older ones. We’ve enjoyed the series and highly recommend it.

Related Theme Book: What Do Animals Do On The Weekend? Adventures from A to Z by Lauren Faulkenberry


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