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Under The Sea: Jacques Cousteau

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We concluded our summer school’s sea theme with a lesson on Jacques Cousteau. I remember watching his underwater films on public channel when growing up. It was an incredible introduction to the wonders and mysteries of the underwater world. I was not only fascinated by the oceanic beauty, but also captivated by Cousteau’s passion. He is a true example of someone who pursues a life long dream and makes it a reality. As I prepared the sea-themed lessons for summer school, I knew my son would also enjoy a glimpse into Cousteau’s life.

The lesson included a brief overview of his life, this biography worksheet, discussions on submarines and ocean exploration, and arts and crafts. I try to incorporate story time as much as possible and for this theme I used two complementary stories: Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne (about Cousteau’s life) and Oliver by Judith Russell (about a little boy who builds an imaginary submarine and goes on an underwater adventure while in his bathtub). Both were excellent reads and worked well together to expand the concepts in the lesson.

Following is the underwater art scene inspired by Jacques Cousteau, as well as the submarine themed craft created by my son as part of this lesson. We really enjoyed it!

Underwater scene inspired by Jacques Cousteau

Underwater scene inspired by Jacques Cousteau

Submarine craft

Submarine craft…singing “We all live in a yellow submarine….”


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