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Math Magic with Mermaids

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Happy Friday! We’ve been busy exploring all kinds of things related to the sea: types of sea life, difference between sea and ocean, beach/shore, waves and tide, underwater world, scientific layers/zones of our oceans, scuba diving and pearls. Today we are focusing on submarines and Jacques Cousteau. I love incorporating fun little brain game activities in our lessons. One such activity is the Math Magic with Mermaids I did yesterday from a Brain Games book I have. It worked great with the sea theme we had going on this week.


It will be useful to introduce the themes of multiplication and mermaids prior to the activity. There are many legends about mermaids in various cultures around the world. These mysterious creatures are said to have magical powers – a sort of aquatic fairy. This particular mermaid can work magic with math. Her favorite number is 7. By following the next few steps, she will work her magic to figure out your number.

Step 1

Pick a number between 1 and 9

Step 2

Double the number

Step 3

Add 7 to the result

Step 4

Multiply this sum by 5

Last Step

Subtract 28


The lowest digit of your answer is the mermaid’s favorite number (7). The highest digit of your answer is your number. How did the mermaid do it!


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