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Meeting Geronimo Stilton

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Meet & Greet with Geronimo Stilton

Meet & Greet with Geronimo Stilton

This past weekend we had the awesome opportunity to meet one of my son’s favorite storybook writers/characters – Geronimo Stilton. We first began reading the Geronimo Stilton novels in our first grade year, and have enjoyed them ever since!

Each book is written in an autobiographical manner, with Geronimo detailing unexpected adventures in his everyday life. Geronimo, who is the famous editor of The Rodent’s Gazette newspaper in New Mouse City, somehow always finds himself in the middle of a part-adventure, part-mystery story. Sometimes the adventures take place in New Mouse City and other times he finds himself in exotic, faraway places. Geronimo is often joined by members of his family, such as his sister Thea and his nephew Benjamin, as well as friends, staff or even members of the community.

With nearly sixty titles, this best-selling children’s book series is one fun and funny adventure after another. I enjoy them as much as my son. The novels are a great way to introduce young readers to chapter books, with short chapters, colorful graphics and fun font usage. I highly recommend the series as a way to transition from picture books to chapter books.

To find out more about this series, visit the Official Geronimo Stilton website. This meet and greet was definitely one of the highlights of our Second Grade year!


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