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Working With Therapy Dogs

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My son loves dogs, so when I found out my library has a special reading program with therapy dogs, I signed him up.

My son reading with labradoodle Max during a reading therapy session at our library.

My son reading with Max, a labradoodle therapy dog during a reading session at our library

The program, called Tail Waggin’ Tutors, is designed as an occupational therapy session for children with special needs or specific disabilities. The trained dogs sit with a child while he/she reads books aloud. The dog’s owner (in our case a retired public school teacher) works with the child on pronunciation, enunciation, speed/pace, pitch, spelling and even confidence with public speaking and reading. The sessions are twenty minutes long, which works well for our age group. My son loved it! The dog we sat with was a labradoodle named Max. He was very friendly, a great listener and loved being petted. My son felt very comfortable with Max and loved spending time with him. My son, who is an avid reader with a slight speech disability, really benefited from this therapy reading session. Specifically, the owner/teacher focused on pronunciation and enunciation, which are our main target points. I am so glad to have found this free occupational therapy opportunity; it is an awesome community service to have. My son can’t wait until our next session in a couple of weeks!

My son made a new paw friend and he loved it!

My son made a new paw friend and loved it!


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