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Spring Projects

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We’ve been “busy as bees” creating Spring themed art and crafts projects during our lessons. We decided to use natural materials to give them an authentic nature/natural feel. My son really enjoyed working with different elements to create his pieces. These are some of the projects we did this year to incorporate Spring themes into our curriculum.

Project 1: Spring Art

Spring Art

Spring Art steps

This was a really neat project. We first discussed Spring by talking about words, colors and things my son associates with the season. In addition, we talked about signs of Spring in nature, such as blossoms and colorful flowers, birds singing, nests/eggs, rainy days, pastel colors, etc. After the lesson, we walked around the yard to collect samples of things my son could use for the art piece. He then used pastel colored finger paint to create a background. Once it dried, he placed (and we glued) his natural elements onto the pastel colored paper to create his artwork.

Project 2: Butterfly & Daisies


Growing Daisies steps

For this project, we started out by creating a paper butterfly using water colors and white tissue paper. My son created four different ones and decided later which one to use for this project (we saved the others for future projects). We let the butterflies dry overnight. The next day, we cut out flower stems, leaves and grass using green construction paper. We then glued them onto a black card stock sheet and let them dry. The last step was to cut fresh daisies (we had some left over from a kitchen lab experiment we did earlier in the week) and glued them onto the tops of the stems to mimic growing daisies. My son loved the look of this project. He thought it was a great idea to use fresh flowers.

Project 3: Honeycomb Craft


Honeycomb steps

This project was done in conjunction with our lesson on bees and insects. We talked about different types of bees and how honey bees create beeswax and honey. In addition, we discussed the hexagon shape to give him a solid base for the shape he would need to recreate. The first step was to have my son paint a bit of yellow on some wax paper to create a background for the craft. While it dried, I cut toothpicks in half and placed them next to some sugar babies candies. I then showed my son how to carefully connect toothpick pieces to sugar babies to create a single hexagon. I explained he was going to have to keep building the honeycomb by creating new hexagons that were connected to the previous. It took a few steps but he got the concept and finished the honeycomb by himself. I chose to use sugar babies because they had a translucent looking color, as well as the sweetness of honey-like caramel. My son really had fun making this and it was a great way to expand the lesson with a hands-on element. Note: you need to work closely with the child to make sure they don’t accidentally stick their fingers with the toothpick pieces.

Project 4: Planting Lucky Clover


Lucky Clover

This project had dual purpose: it was done in part with our lesson on seeds, planting and how things grow, as well as a St. Patrick’s Day related activity. First he had to plant the seeds according to instructions (a great way to develop following instructions skills), and then he placed it in a sunny place were it would get plenty of sunlight. My son also checks the soil every day to make sure it is adequately moist. We kept track of the growth process by tallying when the first seeds sprouted from the time he planted them. He continues to watch the plant’s progress daily but was thrilled that it grew enough to see the clover leaves in time for St. Patrick’s Day. We also did a pot o’gold craft for St. Patrick’s Day this year.


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