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Our St. Patrick’s Day Craft

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This is the art craft we did this year to celebrate the holiday. It encompasses various mediums, layers and textures (paper, markers, playdoh and cotton), so it was a lot of fun to make. During the activity, we talked about luck: what it means and what my son considers to be lucky or have a lucky day. We had a blast making this craft! Below the photo I list materials needed/used to make the craft, as well as the step by step process my son followed.



  • printed template of cauldron/pot and four-leaf clover
  • half sheet of black construction paper
  • piece of green construction paper
  • yellow playdoh
  • quarter
  • markers in rainbow colors
  • ball of cotton
  • glue
  • pencil
  • white sheet of paper
  • scissors


  1. Print a template of a cauldron/pot, as well as a four-leaf clover
  2. Trace the cauldron onto black construction paper and cut out
  3. Trace the four-leaf clover onto green construction paper and cut out
  4. Glue cauldron onto a white sheet of paper
  5. Glue the clover onto the center of the cauldron
  6. Using a pencil, trace a rainbow/section lines coming out of the cauldron toward the top of the paper
  7. Fill in rainbow using markers
  8. Stretch out a cotton ball and glue it at the top of the rainbow to mimic a cloud
  9. Using yellow playdoh, make small balls and press down with a quarter to make the coins
  10. Place coins overflowing the cauldron
  11. Title the piece (optional)

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