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Our Valentine’s Activities

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These are some of the Valentine’s themed art & craft activities we did this year.


This was an art-based activity focusing on color, as well as positive/negative space. We used hearts to show the progression from empty space to full of love. Each progression showed a change with either the outline color and/or filler color. We started with a shell (white border shape with no fill color) and step by step changed it by transitioning from white to different shades of pink to eventually a completely red heart. This was great to enforce color/shades, as well as how we define empty/full. We used crayons colored onto black card stock sheet.


We made this watercolor collage to highlight words associated with love: In particular, what love is or what love does. We used commonly used phrases, as well as scripture-based definitions according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. We discussed what love is or does and then I printed out this sheet of heart shapes. My son then wrote key words based on that lesson and he water-colored each heart. We cut them out after they dried and created this collage on a black cardstock sheet.


This activity was done when we discussed the heart and what it has within it. My son learned the heart is a very important muscle in our body which pumps blood. In addition, we discussed other unseen things that can be found (we carry) in our heart. He left a portion unlabeled for things he will add later as he grows up in life. I simply printed out this blank heart-shaped template and drew lines with a red crayon to create the sectional boundaries. He then wrote things within each portion and colored them to show specific areas of his heart. We discussed each section in detail regarding what each is and means to him: (loved ones, wishes/dreams, fears, things he cares about and feelings/emotions).


We used these heart shaped contractions to do a language based activity. It was a two-step activity. First, my son had to create contractions by combining half hearts. Then, he had to match his created contractions to the full shaped hearts. It was a fun and easy language based activity.


This was a cute Valentine’s card craft with different layers to it. I used this template to create a pink colored construction paper cut-out. When it is opened, I showed my son how it looked like a heart with wings, symbolizing the message he is going to send someone. He wrote a Valentine message inside and then we folded the wings to create the front cover. My son colored the front in the shape of a butterfly. We used a small butterfly sticker to keep the card from opening until he gives it to the person on Valentine’s Day. This was a great craft to show how one thing can reflect different things: a heart becomes a butterfly that when it opens it shows a heart with wings and a special message.



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