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Weather Log

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Our Month-long Weather Log

Our month-long weather log

With the transitional weather from Autumn to Winter taking place, I thought it would be a good time to complete a weather log for a month. It was a great way to expand our knowledge regarding weather words, tracking temperatures, forecasting, and examining weather changes and patterns. We used a weather log from our BIG Second Grade Workbook and tailored it to track daily high/low temperatures and forecast for the month of November. Once my son completed the weather log, we discussed if the weather got warmer or cooler and what type of weather was most common throughout the month.

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We used Barron’s Bilingual First Book: Weather/El Tiempo by Clare Beaton to learn weather words in Spanish, such as weather, rain, sun, storm, rainbow, lightning, snow, wind, fog, etc. The book presents each word in a colorful two-page spread (one page in English and the other in Spanish) with accompanied pronunciation at the bottom. It was a very effective tool for my son to learn weather words in Spanish.


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