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Parts of Speech Activity

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Autumn/Fall & Harvest Time

For this grammar-based lesson regarding parts of speech, I decided to incorporate an apple theme to connect with the current autumn and harvest season.

Apple themed parts of speech activity

Apple themed parts of speech activity

noun is a word that names a person, animal, place or thing. (Examples: a teacher, a dog, a school)

verb is an action word that tells what a person, place, animal or thing does. (Example: The dog ran outside.)

An adjective is a describing word. It can describe how a noun looks, feels, tastes, sounds or smells. (Example: The brown/small/excited dog ran outside.)

Lesson Activity:

For the activity, I drew an outline of an apple on a blank sheet and wrote the words noun, verbs and adjectives. After the lesson, I asked my son to write appropriate words for each of three categories noted:

  • Noun: represented by a thing (the drawing)
  • Verbs: corresponding action words
  • Adjectives: corresponding words that describe

Expand The Lesson:

You can expand the lesson by introducing other categories, such as proper nouns, pronouns, helping verbs, adverbs, as well as irregular, single vs. plural forms, possessive, etc.

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