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Short and Long Vowels

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Our vowel faces craft

Our “Vowel Faces” craft

This past week I taught a vowel theme for our language/phonics lessons. I decided to focus on one vowel for each day during the week. These are the themes we covered in class:

  • Identify the five main vowels: A, E, I, O, U
  • Practice short and long sounds (say and listen)
  • Discuss silent vowels
  • Write and spell words with each vowel sound
  • Underline what makes the short and long vowel sound in words
  • Use rhyming sight words for each vowel sound
  • Write sentences using vowel words practiced during lesson
  • Sort words into appropriate vowel group (A vs. E, etc.)
  • Teach how to identify syllables with vowel sounds
  • Unscramble vowel words
  • ABC order: write vowel words used that day in alphabetical order
  • Play “I Spy” game for words that begin with the vowels
  • Math based: have child complete a connect-the-dots activity for a picture that begins with that vowel sound (such as elephant for short E, etc.)
  • Art & Craft: created vowel faces as our daily craft for the week-long theme

You can expand the lesson by introducing Y as a vowel too.


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