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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Garden of Eden Story

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our apple themed craft with key words associated with the Garden of Eden story

Our Garden of Eden story craft project. I had my son write related words on apple-shaped templates we created using colored construction paper.

World Religions

Concept of God


Garden Theme

All About Apples

Apple Orchard

Trees, Leaves & Forests

Ancient River Valley Civilizations

Cultural Study: Middle East

Recommended Books:

  • Book of Genesis in the Bible
  • Creation by Gerald MacDermott
  • Garden of Eden (Living Dreams series) by Terri Burnell

Target Vocabulary: Adam, choices, consequences, critical thinking, deception, disobedience, Eve, evil, expulsion, fertile, forbidden, Garden of Eden, Genesis, God, good, Hebrew, man, Mesopotamia, paradise, serpent, sin, temptation, woman


We recently concluded a prehistoric series based on a chronological timeline of life on Earth, from the creation of our planet through the proposed Ice Age. I decided to transition to the Garden of Eden story to focus on the first man and woman in order to establish a connection with the origins of modern man’s history as it is generally regarded.

Suggested Points to Cover:

  • The Garden of Eden is believed to have been located somewhere in prehistoric Mesopotamia. (locate region on a map)
  • It was regarded as a paradise. What is your idea of paradise?
  • The word Eden is a Hebrew word meaning “delight” and is derived from Edin, a Sumerian word meaning “fertile plain.”
  • The Tree of Knowledge was forbidden to Adam and Eve by God. What does forbidden mean?
  • Have you ever seen a talking serpent/snake? What do you think it represents in the story?
  • The serpent’s deception caused Adam and Eve to sin against God. This is referred to as The Original Sin.
  • The Bible states that Adam and Eve were cast out of or expelled from the garden by God because of their disobedience. Why did God kick them out rather than forgive them?

You can expand the lesson by discussing the following:

my son's paper plate serpent craft

My son’s paper plate serpent craft (we followed this template)

Choices: some choices are better than others; all choices have consequences ~ some positive, some negative. Making choices is a natural part of being human.

In the story, we see where both Adam and Eve made choices. Eve chose to eat the fruit. Adam chose to stay silent and allowed Eve to sin. He chose to consciously eat of the forbidden fruit as well. Have you ever not spoken up or gone along with something you knew was wrong? How did it make you feel?

It is so much easier to blame others rather than owning up to our own actions. Have you ever done something you knew was wrong and tried to blame it on someone/something else rather than take responsibility for it? How did it make you feel? How did it make the other person feel?

What is temptation? Have you ever felt tempted to do something? Did you choose to do it or not?


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