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Spring and Easter Art & Crafts

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Spring Themes

Easter Holiday

These are some of the Spring and Easter themed crafts we did this year:

Play-doh Butterflies

Play-doh Butterflies

Using a butterfly shaped cookie cutter, we made play-doh butterflies and added colorful details.

Spring chalk art

Spring Chalk Art

Using spring-themed cookie cutters, I traced various shapes onto a black cardstock sheet. My son then colored each with colored chalk and added grass and a sun.

Popcorn Apple Blossoms

Popcorn Apple Blossoms

I traced an apple tree outline onto a piece of paper. We used a brown marker to go over the trace line and then my son colored the tree using brown finger paint. Once the paint dried, we glued pieces of popcorn to mimic apple blossoms.

Fuzzy Caterpilar

Fuzzy Caterpilar

We glued orange and red poms to shape a caterpillar. We added tiny black poms to make the eyes and drew a mouth with a black marker. I shaped a wired twist tie around the neck to make the antennae. My son then added legs, grass and a sun with crayons.

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

I cut out flowers using colored cupcake baking paper cups. I like the shiny, smooth surface that paper gives more than construction paper. We glued them to a sheet of paper. My son drew the stems, leaves and grass with crayons. We finished them off by gluing colored poms to the center of the flowers.

Spaghetti Bird Nest

Spaghetti Bird’s Nest

Place one teaspoon of glue into a small bowl, add one drop of black and yellow food coloring and mix it. Break 20 strands of uncooked spaghetti into 2 inch pieces and add it to the glue mixture to mix well. Place a large piece of plastic wrap into a cupcake mold and let it overflow so you have something to grab onto to release the finished craft once it dries. Place the glued spaghetti mixture into the plastic wrap mold and shape into a nest. Let it dry overnight. Pull plastic wrap up to release the bird’s nest from the cupcake mold and carefully remove it from the plastic wrap. Place it onto a paper towel and add three blue chocolate Easter eggs to mimic Robin eggs.

Easter Bunny with Eggs

Easter Bunny with Eggs

I cut out a bunny template and three eggs. We decorated the eggs with various designs using markers. My son decorated the bunny with crayons and we added a white pom for the cottontail. We glued everything onto a black cardstock sheet and my son finished it off with a Happy Easter message.

Cross-Shaped Easter Words Book

Cross-Shaped Easter Words Book

This was an easy Easter themed project. The main lesson focused on an overview of the Easter holiday. We then created the Easter word book by writing words associated with the holiday. I asked my son to come up with one word per cross. Once he was done, we stacked the crosses and made a cover (with a separate cross shaped paper). We finished it off by stapling the stack at the top to create a book.


One comment on “Spring and Easter Art & Crafts

  1. segmation
    March 26, 2013

    What nice crafts for kids! Thanks for sharing.

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