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Series: Authors

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This is the first post in a three-part series discussing authors, books, and stories.

Part 1: Authors

Part 2: Books

Part 3: Stories


Vocabulary Target Words: author, book, character, creative, educational, idea, illustrator, imagination, series, story, writer, writing

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Author and Illustrator Index with biography and book information from Scholastic.com

Lesson Ideas:

Define Author and Illustrator ~ explain what each does and how one can be both. Look up an author and illustrator familiar to the child and give a brief overview of their life so they can learn more about the person whose work they’ve enjoyed.

Favorite Author/Illustrator ~ do you have a favorite author or illustrator? Perhaps you could write them a letter or send them a drawing to let them know you enjoy their work. If you know their birthday, you can even send them a birthday card. Most authors provide mailing information through their website or publishing company.

Characteristics ~ ask the child to think about some adjectives to describe characteristics they think are found in great writers, such as fun, creative, imaginative, adventurous, funny, colorful, educational, descriptive, suspenseful, generous, inspiring, etc.

The Next Great Author/Illustrator ~ prompt the child to imagine they have been chosen as the next great author/illustrator of children’s books by their peers. Using this biography worksheet, have them write a brief bio to share some facts about their life. In addition, they could write or draw the cover to their latest book, showing title and author/illustrator using this book cover worksheet. A good book to use for this lesson is You Can Write A Story!: A Story-Writing Recipe For Kids by Lisa Bullard.


My Favorite Things Mini Book ~ have the child write and illustrate this personalized mini book about their favorite things.

An Author’s Purpose ~ explain that an author’s purpose is the reason why he or she wrote something (convey a message or idea). For instance, an author might write to inform the reader, teach the reader how to do something, entertain the reader or persuade the reader in some way. To expand on this, you can ask the following questions to each purpose:

  • Inform ~ Did I find out something new?
  • Teach ~ Did I learn how to do something?
  • Entertain ~ How did it make me feel? (happy, sad, scared, excited)
  • Persuade ~ Did the author try to get me to do something or think in a certain way?

Select a specific book and read it with the child. Ask them to identify the author’s purpose for that particular book. Explain that sometimes, more than one reason can be identified, such as informing and entertaining.


Author study form


Author = el autor


2 comments on “Series: Authors

  1. sugarbitznmilkybar
    February 27, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I am planning on highlighting 1-2 authors/illustrators a month and this post gave me ideas on how to structure the lesson plans.

    • Sofia
      February 27, 2013

      Thank you for your comment. Glad my ideas were helpful to you. Wish you the best on your lesson plan.

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