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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Art Projects

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These are some of the art projects we did this year:

Inspired by My Many Colored Days book by Dr. Seuss

Inspired from our lesson using My Many Colored Days book by Dr. Seuss

Using finger paint and his fingers, my son painted his feelings at the time. The key to this project is to have the child use their fingers as opposed to a brush, crayons or markers. The goal is for them to feel the paint and allow those feelings to create.

tape art with watercolors

Tape Art with Watercolors

We placed pieces of tape randomly on watercolor paper. My son then painted the sheet with watercolors. Once the watercolor was completely dry, we carefully removed the pieces of tape resulting in a nice abstract design.

cave art

Cave Art

This was done as part of our caves & caverns lesson. I took a brown paper lunch bag and opened it completely. I then crumbled it and laid it flat. I traced my son’s hand print and a bear and bull template onto the bag which my son colored using crayons and finger paint. We also added other objects free hand which he colored using crayons, markers and finger paint.

Nativity Silhouette

Nativity Silhouette

This was done during Christmas time as part of our Winter Holiday crafts. We followed the tutorial provided by That Artist Woman website.

playdoh portrait

Play-doh Portrait

For this project, I printed out a face template and had my son follow the pattern using play-doh to create a portrait. It was simple and fun!

Abstract Lines with colored pencils

Abstract Lines with Colored Pencils

I enjoy introducing various medium to our art lessons. This was the project we did using colored pencils. My son simply created random lines with various colors then filled in a few spots with color patterns.

thumbprint portraits

This was a really fun art project. I created this Thumbprint Portraits template. Using various colored finger paints, I then placed my son’s thumbprint on each frame. We let it dry completely, then my son finished off each portrait using a black marker. We really enjoyed it!

Shape Art Collage

Shape Art Collage

I created a collage using pieces of art sheets from The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Coloring for Boys and construction paper. My son then colored in the various patterns with crayons, colored pencils and markers. The goal was for him to stay within the lines and maintain shape forms when coloring the patterns.

Chalk Art

Numbers Chalk Art

Using colored chalk, my son drew numbers onto a black cardstock sheet. He made artistic patterns for the numbers. My favorite is the swan shaped number 2.

In the style of Picasso

In the style of Picasso

This was another project inspired by That Artist Woman. We followed the tutorial for Method 2 on her site. We studied Picasso’s style so my son could learn and follow the style accordingly. I printed a template of Picasso’s self-portrait which my son colored using markers. I cut up the pieces and we created a portrait in the random Picasso style.

Our Starry Night

Our Starry Night

This is my son’s favorite art project to date. We studied van Gogh’s Starry Night so my son could understand the emphasis of the wavy lines and multi-colored sky. I printed a template of the artwork and traced the main aspects onto watercolor paper. My son then traced my lines with crayons and markers so he could get a feeling for the layers and patterns. He then colored the piece with watercolors and let it dry completely.


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