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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Food and The Kitchen

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A favorite field trip where we got to pick fresh apples at an orchard

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Recommended Books:

  • Two Eggs Please by Sarah Weeks
  • Let’s Eat! = A Comer! by Pat Mora (English/Spanish)
  • Pots And Pans by Anne F. Rockwell
  • Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • Good Enough To Eat: A Kid’s Guide To Food And Nutrition by Lizzy Rockwell
  • Eating The Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables From A to Z by Lois Ehlert
  • How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by Jane Yolen
  • Creative Kitchen Crafts by Kathy Ross
  • The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Fannie In The Kitchen: The Whole Story From Soup To Nuts Of How Fannie Farmer Invented Recipes With Precise Measurements by Deborah Hopkinson

Vocabulary Target Words: appliances, baking, breakfast, cleaning, cooking, dinner, dishes, essential, food, groceries, homemade, junk food, kitchen, lunch, market, meal, menu, nutrition, pantry, perishable, recipe, table manners, utensils

Lesson Ideas:

Meals ~ discuss the different meal and times: breakfast/morning, lunch/midday, dinner/evening, snacks. You can expand this lesson by teaching about time.

What Do You Like To Eat? ~ have the child say, draw or write about his favorite food or meal. This would be a good lesson to incorporate food allergies too,

Kitchen Essentials ~ what is the function of a kitchen?: to store and prepare food. Also discuss related items such as plates, cups, cooking and eating utensils, pots & pans and appliances. You can expand this lesson by discussing kitchen safety tips.

One Thing In Different Ways ~ read Two Eggs Please by Sarah Weeks which talks about the different ways we eat eggs.

Groceries ~ read At The Supermarket by Anne F. Rockwell or Good Food by DeMar Reggier to discuss the purpose of a food store/market and how to make good food choices. These are some things I do to give my son an active role in the process.

Food Pyramid & Good Nutrition ~ read Good Enough To Eat: A Kid’s Guide To Food And Nutrition by Lizzy Rockwell to discuss the six food categories and how using them properly can help us stay healthy. (other health and nutrition ideas)

Table Manners ~ read How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by Jane Yolen to discuss proper table manners while eating.

Where Does Food Come From? ~ discuss the various steps food goes through from the farm to the table. You can expand this lesson by discussing farm theme to explain why we need farms.


  • cooking-clip-artClassification ~ using cutouts or flashcards, have the child name food or kitchen items. To expand the lesson, ask the child to classify food items into their appropriate food group category. (Food theme picture dictionary)
  • Food Sort ~ have the child sort food items by color or type, fruit vs. vegetable or pantry vs. refrigerator.
  • Following Directions ~ explain what recipes are and the importance of following them step by step in the proper order. You can expand this lesson by teaching about measurements using both liquids and solids. Another version is to teach sequencing.
  • I’m The Chef ~ encourage the child to experiment with food in the kitchen: make a sandwich, make a smoothie, put together a plate of food, baking cookies, etc.
  • Grocery List ~ ask the child to help you by writing down a list of items to take to the grocery store. They can help you at the store by reading the list to you or picking out which aisle you have to go to for that specific item (identify aisle number and descriptions)
  • Cultural Food Tour ~ have the child identify cultures associated with a particular dish using photos or samples of the food: ie, spaghetti (Italy), egg roll (China), hamburger (America), tacos (Mexico), baguette (France), etc.

Songs & Poems:

Online Activities:

Coloring Pages:


food = comida

kitchen = la cocina


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