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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Timelines: Past, Present and Future

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Recommended Books:

  • Who Came Down That Road? by George Ella Lyon
  • The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman
  • Get Up And Go! (MathStart: Time Lines) by Stuart J. Murphy
  • Cluck O’Clock by Kes Gray
  • Tuesday by David Wiesner

Classify It ~ Using cut outs of various items from the past, present and future, have the child classify which time period it belongs to.

The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman

The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman

Past vs. Present ~ Read Who Came Down That Road? by George Ella Lyon, which is the story of mother and son as they travel down an old path/road and begin a journey into the past discussing who came down that road before their time. We really enjoyed the book and it offers a great base for a lesson or conversation about past events from a specific point of reference. You can expand the lesson by doing something similar with a particular location that has a personal connection to you or your family.

Past, Present and Future ~ Use The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman. This wordless picture book is a great tool for a lesson on the past, present and future and how the three can connect. The book presents a boy from the past who hides a time capsule box in the attic of his school, which is found by a group of three boys in the future (our present time). Upon discovering it, the three embark on a little adventure following all the clues inside the box. The book offers illustrations of how the city changes with time adding a visual time-travel element. The story has a wonderful ending suggesting future adventures await others which is a great prompt to discuss the future.

Timelines ~ I used a clock to discuss time in terms of minutes, hours and a day. I expanded the lesson by introducing the concept of a daily schedule. Get Up and Go! by Stuart J. Murphy is a great book for a lesson on daily schedule or tracking/adding time. I then used a calendar to discuss time in terms of days, weeks and months and ways we keep track of blocks of time. Lastly, I used this timeline graphic organizer to help my son understand his personal timeline. I had him label each box beginning with the year he was born through the last box. We discussed particular elements of each year, such as his age and something he remembers specific to each one, (ie, beginning kindergarten, the year he learned to swim, etc). I then used the timeline to explain which time periods are his past, present and future. This was an effective way to personalize the concept of time/history for him.

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2 comments on “Timelines: Past, Present and Future

  1. Heavily Caffeinated Mommy
    January 15, 2013

    Just letting you know that I love your blog and nominated you for a blog award. Congrats!

    • Sofia
      January 16, 2013

      What a nice thing to wake up to! Thank you so much for the comment and nomination. It is very encouraging and rewarding when others enjoy things I share about our homeschool efforts. I will post my answers to your questions once I have a cup of coffee this morning…Thanks again. 🙂

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