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Rebus Stories

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I recently came across a fun rhyming rebus story book by author Shirley Nietzel titled The Jacket I Wear In The Snow. My son and I really enjoyed it and I felt it was a great resource in further developing reading, vocabulary, rhyme and repetition, sequence, comprehension and memorization skills for him. So, I looked up the author and was excited to find she has a series of rebus based stories I’ve decided to incorporate into our curriculum. Since a rebus uses pictures or symbols to represent a word, it’s a fun way to incorporate language concepts in story format. They work equally well for early readers or as picture/story puzzles that build comprehension and critical thinking for more advanced skills. The books generally target ages 4-8.

Rebus stories by Shirley Nietzel:

  • The Jacket I Wear In The Snow
  • The Bag I’m Taking To Grandma’s
  • Our Class Took A Trip To The Zoo
  • I’m Not Feeling Well Today
  • The House I’ll Build For The Wrens
  • The Dress I’ll Wear To The Party
  • Who Will I Be? A Halloween Rebus Story
  • I’m Taking A Trip On My Train
  • We’re Making Breakfast For Mother: A Mother’s Day Rebus Story

Click here to see recommended teaching activities from the author for each of her rebus story books.

Online Rebus Stories from GoodnightStories.com:

Additional Resources:

Online and printable rebus rhymes from Enchanted Learning

Rebus stories from ABC Teach


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