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Winter Holiday Crafts

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We’ve been busy creating all sorts of wonderful winter and holiday themed crafts. This year, I selected a variety of mediums to give my son an opportunity to experience craft making with various forms and textures. Here’s a sampling:

Tube Nutcracker Soldiers:

I fell in love with these Nutcracker Soldiers made of toilet paper tubes from Sophie’s World website. The step-by-step instructions, including the printable template, are available on her site through this link. Just click on the All-In-One tab for the complete info on this craft. She is incredibly talented and creative! I added my own tower in the background using a paper towel tube and some leftover wired wreath ribbon. I just wrapped the ribbon around the tube and folded in both ends to hold in place.


Santa’s Polar Express Train:

We used the train engine template in our Mead Snip It! activity book, but you can easily adapt this craft using any train engine printable template. My son cut out the train engine template and we glued it to a black card stock sheet. He then added a variety of Christmas themed foam stickers to give it a Polar Express feel.


Nativity Silhouette Art:

This is our attempt at the Nativity Silhouette art craft from Gail Bartel’s That Artist Woman website. She has so many awesome art projects on her site! We used watercolors and let it dry overnight before adding the card stock silhouette pieces. Here’s the How-To Tutorial link for this art project.


Marshmallow Gingerbread House:

Last year we build an actual gingerbread house so I didn’t want to repeat myself this year. Instead, I decided to do a little something different. I printed out this gingerbread house coloring page template then we colored the gingerbread part and the candy canes. We then pasted the page onto a black card stock sheet and glued white and colored marshmallows following the template design. We finished it off by adding a few sparkling foam stickers we had left over from other crafts.


Jingle Bells Bracelet:

My son loved this musical craft. I just measured a white craft chenille stem (pipe cleaner) around my son’s wrist to adjust the size, cutting off the excess. I then made a loop on one end and weaved multi-colored jingle bells from the other end leaving a small piece to make a hook. Place on the wrist and then hook through the loop of the other end. Let the bell ringing begin!


World Map of Santa’s Christmas Eve Route:

This was a great craft to help my son understand the simulated route Santa takes on Christmas Eve ~ with the added world geography element. We colored the map using crayons and then followed the instructions as provided on the NorthPole.com website. The outcome has a “treasure map” feel to it but with a Christmas theme. My son really enjoyed this craft.


Paper Bag Rudolf:

This craft can be used as a treat/gift bag or a general bag craft. I left my bag empty inside but one idea I had was to placed some Magic Reindeer Food inside for future use. Recipe for Magic Reindeer Food. Step-by-step tutorial for craft.



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