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Halloween Treats and Things

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Doing M&M candy math problems


Using More M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies Math by Barbara Barbieri McGrath and leftover candy from your child’s trick or treating, you can build various math related activities. Themes include positional numbers, simple graphing, estimation, problem solving and more. Or you can also make up your own activities such as addition, subtraction or grouping by color, size or type.


Discuss things or symbols associated with Halloween, such as the full moon, Jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts, history of trick or treating practice, etc. You can also build a science-based lesson by discussing animals associated with the holiday. For example:


Owls are carnivores who belong to the bird of prey species. They are mostly nocturnal creatures and can be found in every region of the world except Antarctica. There are two main families of owls: typical owls and barn owls. Owls have wide faces, small beaks and eyes positioned in front of their head, like humans. The smallest owl is the Elf Owl, while the largest owl in length is the Great Gray Owl. The owl is symbolically linked to wisdom and knowledge.

Bats are the only mammals capable of flight; other mammals said to have the ability to fly are actually gliders. There is such a thing as a vampire bat and they are native to the Americas. Bats play a key role in the pollination of flowers. In fact, many tropical plants depend on the bat to spread their seeds. The smallest bat is the Kitti’s hog-nosed bat (also known as the bumblebee bat), while the largest bat is the giant golden-crowned bat/flying fox which is a fruit bat.

Spiders are eight-legged arthropods from the order of the arachnids with fangs that inject venom. There are approximately 40,000 species of spiders that can be found in every continent of the world, except Antarctica. Spiders are known for their complex web-weaving capabilities by extruding silk from their abdomen. The smallest spider is the Patu digua. The largest spider by leg-span is the Giant Huntsman spider but the Goliath birdeater is considered the largest by mass.

Black Cats are felines from any cat species with black fur that can be either male or female. Superstitions surround the black cat with some believing they bring good luck while others believing they are a sign of bad luck, depending on where you live in the world. They are frequently depicted as a witch’s pet.

Wolves are the sole ancestor of the dog and are native to remote areas of North America, Eurasia and North Africa. Wolves are categorized into four main groups: North American gray wolves, European gray wolves, red wolves and other wolves. The wolf is generally depicted as big, bad wolf and are symbolically linked to the werewolf, particularly during a full moon or Halloween time.

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