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Animal Groups & Family

This is the last in a five-part series exploring animal themes:

Part 1 ~ Animal Classification

Part 2 ~ Animal Habitats

Part 3 ~ Animal Movement

Part 4 ~ Animal Sounds & Calls

Part 5 ~ Animal Groups & Family

This lesson explores different words/names we use to describe groups of animals, as well as ways we identify an animal family.

Gaggle of Canada geese at the park

Gaggle of Canada geese at the park

Recommended Book:

Herd of Cows! Flock of Sheep! by Rick Walton

Words/Names (Collective Nouns) Used To Describe Some Animal Groups:

  • Colony ~ ants, bats
  • Flock ~ birds or sheep
  • Gaggle ~ geese
  • Herd ~ cattle
  • Litter ~ puppies
  • Pack ~ wolves
  • Pride ~ lions
  • School ~ fish
  • Swarm ~ flies

We Are Family: When discussing families in the animal kingdom, we can approach it in different ways:

We can examine the family tree of a specific animal. For instance, The Cat (Felidae) Family includes: lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, panther, jaguar, puma, bobcat, lynx and domesticated cat.

Did You Know?: Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds.

Another way to look at the animal family theme is to discuss names for the father, mother and baby of a specific animal. For instance:

  • Horse: Stallion, Mare, Foal
  • Sheep: Ram, Sheep, Lamb
  • Seal: Bull, Cow, Pup

To expand the lesson, you can also discuss ways in which parent animals keep their babies safe or show affection to each other. Recommended books for these themes are:

  • How Animal Babies Stay Safe (Let’s Read and Find Out Science Level 1) by Mary Ann Fraser
  • All Kinds Of Kisses by Nancy Tafuri
  • Match The Baby worksheet


Fill out this K-W-L chart form about a specific animal group discussed in the lesson. (before-during-after lesson action)

Ask the child to tell or write ways in which animal families are similar and different to human families.

Do you have a favorite animal? Imagine if you were that animal. How would you call out to your parent animal? What could your parent animal do to show you affection?

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