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101 Science Poems & Songs

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101 Science Poems and Songs


Music Theme

Our World

Two-Part Weather Series

Our Solar System

The Four Seasons

The Five Senses


Ecosystems and Food Chains

I found this book at one of my local bookstores and fell in love with it. 101 Science Poems & Songs For Young Learners by Meish Goldish is filled with science-related poems, songs and hands-on activities. It’s the perfect blend of science concepts with language skills specifically designed for grades 1-3. The book is structured by theme categories, which include: The Earth, Plants & Seeds, Animals, The Human Body, Seasons & Weather, and Science Wonders. Themes are presented in one-page formats with fun text and kid-friendly illustrations that can be used on their own or in conjunction with a themed lesson.

As an example:

Our World

The grass is green, the sky is blue,

The moon is white, the clouds are too.

The sun is yellow, the trees are brown,

The leaves are red when falling down.

The sunset’s orange, the air is clear,

What a wonderful world we have right here!

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A great related resource is the Arty Facts: Linking Art To The World Around Us series from Crabtree Publishing. It blends science themes with art and craft ideas in a fun and educational way. Titles include:

  • Oceans & Art Activities by Janet Sacks
  • Insects, Bugs & Art Activities by Steve Parker
  • Light, Color & Art Activities by Barbara Taylor
  • Planet Earth & Art Activities by John Cooper
  • Weather & Art Activities by Janet Sacks
  • Plants & Art Activities by Rosie McCormick
  • Animals & Art Activities by Janet Sacks
  • Space & Art Activities by Polly Goodman
  • Our Bodies & Art Activities by Rosie McCormick

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