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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The Subway Mouse

This lesson is built on themes introduced in my Country Life vs. City Life lesson.

Featured Book:

subway mouseThe Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid is the story of a young mouse named Nib who lives in Sweetfall, a place located beneath the city’s subway station where mice live. During the day the station is very noisy with trains thundering overhead but at night mice gather to hear old mouse tales of the mysterious land known as Tunnel’s End told by the elder mice. Nib is so fascinated by the stories that one day he decides to set off on an adventure and we get to come along for the ride. Targets ages 4-8.

Theme: This book works well to explore what subway stations and underground trains are like to help children learn more about this city-specific form of transportation.

Vocabulary Based:

Prior to the lesson, select specific vocabulary words found in the story, such as: snug, rumble, trotted, dodging, etc. Before you read the story to the child, introduce the words you chose and let them know you want them to listen for them in the story and think about how they are used. Once the story is done, go back and focus on each word one at a time. Pick one and define it. Then ask the child to think about how it was used in the story and see if they can think of a synonym or have them come up with a sentence relating to the word.

Critical Thinking:

  • Are subways found in rural or urban environments?
  • Is the subway a form of public or private transportation? (explain the difference if needed)
  • Why do you think some people use the subway?
  • Have you ever taken the subway? What did you like best and least?
  • Do all mice live in the city?
  • How do you think life would be like for mice who live in the country?

Story It:

Using this template, have the child draw a picture and write a brief story about an adventurous trip they once took.


subway train = el tren subterraneo

the subway = el metro

city = la ciudad

country = el campo


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