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Football Math & Vocabulary

Ready for some football!

Ready for some football!

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Recommended Books:

  • My Football Book by Gail Gibbons
  • Gunner, Football Hero by James Ransome
  • Dino-Football by Lisa Wheeler
  • The Everything Kids’ Football Book by Greg Jacobs
  • T is for Touchdown: A Football Alphabet by Brad Herzog
  • Goodnight Football (Sports Illustrated Kids Bedtime Book) by Michael Dahl
  • Sports, Sports, Sports: A Poetry Collection by Lee Bennett Hopkins (I Can Read Book)

To kick-off another season of football, here’s a lesson designed as a fun way of learning about football with a focus on math and vocabulary.

Vocabulary: The ABC’s of Football.

Word Association:

Football is a throwing, running, catching, hitting and kicking sport. Discuss action words associated with the game such as snappass, run, catch, tackle, kick, punt, etc.

Word map to help kids expand their vocabulary.

Math: This offers some basic math related concepts of the game.

  • One field
  • Two teams
  • Three points if you get a field goal
  • Four quarters (15 minutes of play time each) & Four Downs of possession
  • Six points if you get a touchdown
  • Seven points if you get a touchdown and make the extra point kick
  • Ten feet increments from one end zone to the other totaling 100 yards in distance
  • 11 players on the field from each team
  • Geometry: The football field is what geometric shape? Rectangle

Did You Know?: “Gridiron” is a nickname given to the football field because of its yard lines design


football-ball-black-outlineDiscuss how quarterbacks create and use special names or secret codes for plays so the opposing team does not know what type of play they are going to do. Peyton Manning is a quarterback who is famous for his play calls. Watch the videos noted below then have the child pretend they are a quarterback and make up a funny play call sequence. Don’t forget to use hut, hut at the end so the center knows when to snap the ball!

Other Activities:

Online Games:

NFL RUSH online games (official site of NFL for kids)

VeggieTales Football

Coloring Pages:

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American football = Fútbol Americano


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