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Summer Nights: Sights & Sounds

Our summer moon

Our summer moon

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Main Idea: Each of the four seasons is unique. Their weather, nature and scenery helps us recognize them because they have a particular look, feel and sound.

Recommended Book:

A Good Night Walk by Elisha Cooper presents a child and parent walking along their neighborhood as evening sets in as they discover the sights, sounds and smells that emerge from their evening stroll. The illustrations are beautiful and set the stage for a very nice story. Targets ages 4-6.

Lesson & Activity:

Summer is a great time to explore the evening because the days are longer and families usually stay up later so one can observe the transition into nighttime. Take a Summer Night Nature Walk to explore the various sights and sounds of Summer Nights. This targets sensory and classification skills.

  • It is the warmest season of the four
  • The days get longer and nights shorter
  • Life & Nature continue to be active at night even though we may not see it sometimes (nocturnal)

Go out just before sunset to show how the sun goes down and get a feel for the things you can see (in the sky, on the ground, as well as around you)

  • Is there a particular scent around?
  • What do you hear?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Once the sun goes down, focus on the Moon
  • Where is the moon compared to where the Sun was?
  • How soon after the Sun goes down can you see the stars?
  • What of nature can you see/hear (crickets, fireflies, stars, moon, animals, etc.)
  • What other things can you see/hear (cars, headlights, street lamps, lights inside the homes, etc)
  • Perhaps you can stay out a bit longer and do some stargazing (which planets can you see?)

Talk about the similarities and differences between what you were able to see/hear/smell/feel during the daytime and the nighttime. How were they the same? How were they different? Do you like one more than the other?

Online Game: Stargazing


If I Could Touch The Sky by Natasha Josefowitz

Fireflies by Evaleen Stein

Rhyme & Coloring Page: I See The Moon

Brain Game: What turns on and off at night like a flying light bulb? (firefly)



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