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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Language Based Activities

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Following are a few fun and effective language based activities that target and develop different skills:

Alphabet Activity:

I cut out individual upper case and lower case letters and separated them into two piles according to case. I laid out the lower case letters and left the upper case in a pile. I instructed my son to find the upper case letter from the pile beginning with ‘A’ and match it with its corresponding lower case from the other set. He was to then place them together on the table and repeat the process following the alphabet order for all letters. If he could not remember which letter came next, he could sing the alphabet song to help him remember. The activity targeted letter recognition, letter order, matching upper and lower case, following directions and multi-step instructions, and using the alphabet song to recall sequence. He enjoyed this activity and was proud of completing the task correctly!

alphabet activity

Compound Words:

We discussed compound words and completed a few worksheets to help my son understand the concept. Similar to the alphabet activity, I then cut out word pieces and placed them on a pile. I instructed my son to find word combinations to make 10 compound words. The activity targeted word recognition, concept comprehension and following instructions. He completed the activity without any problems.

Compound Words

Word Order Sentences:

We discussed proper sentence structure and punctuation. I then cut out word blocks from my Summer Link Super Edition Grade 1 Workbook and placed them into piles, one for each sentence. I then instructed my son to take one pile at a time and place the word blocks in proper order to make complete sentences. He completed all six sentences in proper order. The activity targeted word recognition, punctuation, sentence structure and following instructions.

word order sentences


Using cut outs of various Spanish terms and phrases, I instructed my son to put together three common greetings and their corresponding response using Hello/Hola as the starting point.



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