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Summer Safety Tips

pool time

Pool Time!

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we are ready to officially welcome the Summer Season! One thing I’m adding to our Summertime preparation is a discussion about Summer Safety & Protection ~ sun safety, water safety, play safety and outdoor safety. These are themes I am targeting:

Sun Safety:

It is important to know the recommended SPF level for sunscreen is 30 or higher and that it should be reapplied every 2 hours. If you are sweating a lot or are in the water for long periods of time, it is recommended to reapply every hour. Make sure you read the label on your sunscreen and follow the suggested instructions to make sure you and your child are properly protected. It is hottest between the hours of 10am-4pm so during this time extra caution is suggested to make sure you and your child are well hydrated and protected from the sun. Lastly, cover up ~ wear sunglasses or a hat and use clothes that cover exposed areas to minimize damage from the sun.

Water Safety:

Make sure your child knows how to swim properly or has a flotation device that is age appropriate. Practice using it so the child understands how to put it on and how it works. Some devices are specific for the pool while others are meant for use in boats or open waters. Talk with your child about obeying signs, no pushing, running or holding people under water. Talk with them about where diving is permitted and the proper diving instructions. Lastly, teach your child how to identify a lifeguard and call for help. Also, a good thing to have is CPR certification. Someone in the family should be certified to assist should the need arise.

Here are some important water safety tips from SafeKids.org:

Sports & Play Safety:

Something we can do for our children is discuss sports and play safety to prevent injuries or heat exhaustion. These are tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep yourself and your child well hydrated
  • Familiarize yourself with heat exhaustion signs to make sure you recognize them ~ this is a link to KidsHealth.org Heat Exhaustion/Illness instruction sheet
  • Use proper safety gear, such as pads and helmet
  • Make sure the activity is age appropriate so the child is able to properly participate (physically and mentally)
  • Make sure there is proper supervision to monitor the child and provide assistance when needed
  • Stay on marked paths and designated areas away from traffic and follow posted signs

Camping or In The Woods Safety:

Summertime is an active time for camping and being out in the woods. Teach your kids the proper way to light and extinguish a campfire, if age appropriate. If not, then talk to them about staying away from the fire. You should also discuss first aid steps and protection against bugs and mosquitoes. Make an equipment checklist so you don’t forget important items and go over proper trails and boundaries to keep them from getting lost. Discuss how to secure and discard food so it does not attract animals to your camp site. Lastly, make sure you have enough water and adequate equipment (such as a compass, flashlight, cell phone, etc) with you every time you go out for a hike or are away from the camp site.

Fireworks Safety:

Firework safety is something we hear about particularly around the Fourth of July. It is important to teach your child about proper handling of fireworks and the dangers of fireworks and matches/lighters, as well as how to call 911 for medical or fire assistance. If you are grilling outside, like most of us do, go over precautions about being near the grill when in use to avoid burns or fires.

Accidents happen but going over these key themes will help kids stay safe while enjoying their Summertime activities. Have fun!


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