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Mother Goose Rhymes Revised

We enjoyed these three great Mother Goose related books. Each offers a unique versions of the well-known rhymes:

truckery rhymesScieszka’s Truckery Rhymes version is great for poem based lessons. It offers a collection of 22 classic Mother Goose rhymes and songs redone in his typical Trucktown book series form. Each one replaces original words with a Trucktown themed version done in a 2-page format with fun, action-packed artistic illustrations. Some of the new variations include The Wheels on the Truck, Rock-a-Bye Mixer, Swing Around with Rosie and Pop! Blows the Diesel. You can find out more from Trucktown’s official website.

Here is Scieszka’s version of Three Blind Mice, redone as Three Loud Trucks:

Three loud trucks. Three loud trucks.

See how the zoom. See how they zoom.

They all jumped over the muck and goo.

They skidded and screeched and their mufflers blew.

Did you ever see such a crazy crew?

As three loud trucks. Three loud trucks.

mother gooseThe Green Mother Goose (Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time) version offers 30 classic rhymes creatively rewritten with an eco-friendly approach. These would work well for Earth Day lessons or as generic alternative versions for comparison. Themes include conservation, organic foods, recycling and overall green mindset. Featured titles include Little Boy Green, Here We Go Round The Neighborhood, Recycle Man, and others. Here’s the intro:

Together we’ll do it ~

We’ll help save the Earth,

Our emerald home,

The place of our birth.

Come now, rhyme with me,

Let’s turn our hearts loose,

And fly ’round the world,

With Green Mother Goose.

wooleycatHysom’s Wooleycat’s Musical Theater version offers 10 brief musicals based on Mother Goose rhymes. You can read along while listening to the CD (included in the book). Some of the characters include Humpty Dumpty, Mary and her Lamb, the Three Blind Mice and Hickory, the Hang-gliding Mouse. You can find out more from Wooleycat’s official website.

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