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Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Outdoor Activities

On a nature walk at one of our favorite parks

On a nature walk at one of our favorite parks

This time of year is great for spending more time outdoors, which expands the classroom environment. These are ways we use outdoor activities as part of the learning experience:

Nature Walks – we’ve been exploring different themes, such as trees, birds, animal tracks and flowers.

Visiting A Farm – learning about types of farms and animals, as well as gardening and the differences between fruits and vegetables.

Picnic At The Park – preparing and sharing a healthy snack, enjoying the playground, and learning about staying healthy and active.

Sidewalk Chalk Words, Math & Art – my son loves to come up with words and draw different things, now I’m also introducing math with simple addition and subtraction.

Photography – I love taking photos of natural settings and recently have encouraged my son to help me take photos as we are out and about. He loves coming home and seeing all the photos we took and even helps me decide which ones to keep on file!

Cloud Shapes – we enjoy looking at clouds and talking about the shapes we see. We like to do this while riding in the car or when we are at a park or going for a walk.

Scavenger Hunts – we do different themes such as color specific, shape specific or alphabet based.

Growing A Garden – my son recently planted lettuce and Swiss Chard in a container as part of an edible gardening lesson. He loves checking in on it daily and watching it grow.

Bubbles – using different bubble shaped blowers make blowing bubbles fun – some are small and some can be really big ones!

Kites – we already have two kites and a frisbee ready to go the next time we have a nice breezy day! This makes a great “wind” lesson activity.

Recommended Books:

  • Take Along Guides series by Diane Burns and Mel Boring

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