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Making Easter Eggs

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My son and I made some Easter eggs yesterday. We decided to do a variety: some with natural dyes, some with traditional coloring and a few with designs.

This is the first year we try the natural dye process. They turned out with a light tint so I’m glad we did some the traditional way for the stronger, brighter colors. For the natural dyes I used: spinach for green, raspberries for pink, blueberries for what turned out to be gray (was hoping for blue), paprika for orange, pineapple and mustard for yellow, and cinnamon and coffee for the light brown. My son wanted to draw designs on a few so he used crayons to draw/write what he wanted before we tinted the eggs. We let them sit for about three hours in the dyes. I’m sure if I had used a greater amount of the natural items the colors would have been stronger but I didn’t want to waste a lot of my spices/fruits/veggies. In the end, I’m glad we tried it – my son had a lot of fun doing the eggs in a variety of ways.


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