Spring is finally here! After a long and strong winter storm season, we are glad to be enjoying warmer days. Windows are now open allowing lots of bright sunlight and fresh air to come in. It’s also nice to hear the birds singing and see the trees flowering with buds. Nature is calling so we’ll be spending […]

We really enjoyed the book Roanoke: The Lost Colony (An Unsolved Mystery From History) by Jane Yolen. Designed with a detective story format, it offers a creative story of the famed lost early English colony in American history. Yolen’s approach blends storytelling, dictionary skills, colorful illustrations, timelines, notes, theories and critical thinking elements. It works as […]

We are fortunate to have a few community-based educational programs available in our area (via the library, zoo, science center and state parks). I’m always happy to link up our home school with group structured lessons/activities whenever possible. This year we are participating in a few off-site group classes. Our local zoo offers a K-5 class series […]

This unit study is designed to explore different elements using children’s classic stories. Background: We used Stepping Stone Classics Chapter Book Series’ adaptation of Swiss Family Robinson. It tells the classic adventure tale by Johann Wyss about a shipwrecked family who adapt to the natural environment of a deserted tropical island in order to survive. This children’s […]

We are wrapping up our second week of exploration themed lessons. Last week we focused on space exploration by discussing our solar system, astronauts, stars and a few constellation myths and legends. This week we transitioned to sea exploration. We discussed navigational tools, such as the compass and map, as well as skills required to […]

Happy New Year! Being the eve of Three Kings Day, we discussed the story of the Three Kings as part of our lessons today – our first day back from winter break. We talked about the traditions relating to this holiday (also referred to as Epiphany), as well as the geographical region and biblical nativity setting […]

My greatest joy comes from being a mother to my two boys. With the older one in college now and no longer living at home, we had to adjust to not seeing him every day. Thankfully, we live close enough to each other that we can still get together regularly – even if for a brief […]

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s nice to have a little snow to welcome the holiday season. I love being able to experience the four seasons and watching the weather transitions throughout the year. So when we awoke this morning to this year’s first snow, we just had to go outside to celebrate it. […]

We love being outdoors in nature, especially this time of year, so when we heard about a Jack-O-Lantern nature trail event at a nearby park, we checked it out! We learned Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is a 1/3 mile walking trail illuminated with about 5,000 carved pumpkins resulting in an amazing outdoor, natural pumpkin art show. Artists create themed […]

Learning about bamboo and giant pandas was a great way to introduce the Chinese region. We learned bamboo is a tropical woody grass with hard stems originating in Asia. In addition to being a popular food for the giant pandas, we discussed how bamboo was also used by ancient Chinese people as a form of paper, […]


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