Every now and then I like to highlight a specific series and give a brief overview from our home school perspective. Author Barbara deRubertis has an animal and alphabet themed series titled Animal Antics A to Z, which we are enjoying quite a bit. Each book focuses on a specific alphabet letter and offers an animal […]

Recommended Books: Snakes and Other Reptiles (Magic Tree House Fact Tracker) by Mary Pope Osborne Snakes by Gail Gibbons We completed our snake themed lessons, which I’m happy to say we did without using real snakes! :-) Key points from our lessons include: The proper scientific name for a snake is Serpentes Snakes have been around […]

We are officially back to school…wooohooo!! This week we are focusing on two numbers – 3 and 8; my son started his third grade and he is also turning eight!! :-) So, what better way to kick off a new year than to tackle the big question – LIFE. We are exploring all sorts of […]

Back to school time is almost here so I’m enjoying a nice couple of weeks off now that summer school is done. Am getting some back to school shopping done and finalizing lesson plans as we prepare for our Third Grade. So excited!! In the meantime, I want to use this opportunity to highlight another […]

This past weekend we saw the new Disney/Pixar film Planes: Fire & Rescue as part of our ongoing series on extreme weather, fire & rescue. I enjoyed this sequel more than the first Planes movie. It not only had impressive visual graphics, the plot/story line was solid and the pace was right on target. It was […]

We concluded our summer school’s sea theme with a lesson on Jacques Cousteau. I remember watching his underwater films on public channel when growing up. It was an incredible introduction to the wonders and mysteries of the underwater world. I was not only fascinated by the oceanic beauty, but also captivated by Cousteau’s passion. He is […]

Happy Friday! We’ve been busy exploring all kinds of things related to the sea: types of sea life, difference between sea and ocean, beach/shore, waves and tide, underwater world, scientific layers/zones of our oceans, scuba diving and pearls. Today we are focusing on submarines and Jacques Cousteau. I love incorporating fun little brain game activities […]

This week we are focusing our Summer School curriculum on themes relating to America and Independence Day holiday. I want to briefly highlight a book I found to be a great resource for building discussion points and lessons related to American geography and history, as well as patriotic-based music and art: America The Beautiful by Katharine Lee […]

“She looks like she’s sleeping,” my youngest son said to me as we stood next to the open casket where Catherine laid. “Yes, she does,” I agreed. Catherine was my eldest son’s girlfriend’s maternal grandmother. I suppose that’s why we often use the phrase “Rest in Peace” during a wake or funeral service: because one looks […]

The past few weeks of Summer School have been focused on two main geographic, cultural and ocean regions: the Atlantic and Pacific. We expanded previously discussed topics, as well as introduced new ones. These are some of the main themes we’ve covered for each: Atlantic: Atlantic Ocean (location on world map) Caribbean Islands (names and […]


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