With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s nice to have a little snow to welcome the holiday season. I love being able to experience the four seasons and watching the weather transitions throughout the year. So when we awoke this morning to this year’s first snow, we just had to go outside to celebrate it. […]

We love being outdoors in nature, especially this time of year, so when we heard about a Jack-O-Lantern nature trail event at a nearby park, we checked it out! We learned Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is a 1/3 mile walking trail illuminated with about 5,000 carved pumpkins resulting in an amazing outdoor, natural pumpkin art show. Artists create themed […]

Learning about bamboo and giant pandas was a great way to introduce the Chinese region. We learned bamboo is a tropical woody grass with hard stems originating in Asia. In addition to being a popular food for the giant pandas, we discussed how bamboo was also used by ancient Chinese people as a form of paper, […]

We spent the better part of our day on Saturday at a nearby forest to participate in the annual Mayor’s Fall Hike and Outdoors Day event. This was the second time we’ve been a part of it and we are looking to make it an annual tradition. The event offers lots of educational opportunities and outdoor fun, with the added beauty […]

One of the things we learned during our cultural studies in India was the custom of creating an artistic welcome sign for the home (known as rangoli) by mothers and daughters in the southern region. Mothers and daughters clean the outside floor area by the front door at sunrise and draw a free-style symmetrical design with […]

In continuation with our cultural studies, we used the story of Moses and the Exodus out of Egypt into Israel to transition to the Middle East region. Moses, Joshua and Jericho We discussed how Joshua took over to lead the Hebrew people into the Promised Land after Moses died. This was a good opportunity to […]

Taking a break from the cultural studies series for a moment to post about something a bit more personal. My son and I were watching a football game on t.v. when he asked me about “all the pink stuff the players are wearing.” It dawned on me he was referring to the things and symbols players were […]

One of the things we enjoy most in our home school is learning about other cultures/parts of the world – it’s a great way to expand our knowledge of the world. For third grade, I decided to focus on specific regions and spend some time learning about that area. During these studies, we discuss things […]

My goodness we have been busy! With school, football and everything else in between, we are keeping a full schedule but we sure do love this Fall weather. :-) Some of the Fall themes we are discussing in school include: The Seasons Discussing the scientific reason for the seasons (Earth’s orbit around the Sun during a calendar […]

We are a football fanatic household. Both of my sons played in leagues and we love watching games too. We look forward to the season and really enjoy it when it’s here. Last year my youngest was unable to play due to his reconstructive kidney surgery so we are super excited to be playing again this […]


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